Note: Over the years, I [...]

To rotary engine users

Note: Over the years, I have posted frequently on this site. I’m not building a Cozy and most likely never will. Nevertheless, if I did, the Mazda rotary engine holds a lot of appeal. Eventually, Mazda may come out with the next version , the 16-X, which promises to be a great power plant. Unfortunately, Tracy
Crook’s PSRU is no longer available. The Ballistic Drive unit looks like an excellent replacement. Here’s the question. The Ballistic drive unit is not co-axial with the engine’s output shaft. The propeller shaft looks like it’s 4 or 5 inches higher than the engine shaft. Would this change in thrust line affect the aircraft flight characteristics, therefore requiring positioning the engine 4 or five inches lower? Just wondering

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To rotary engine users

Note: Over the years, I [...]

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Note: Over the years, I [...]

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