Hi folks,
This is a long [...]

Vendor Report – Worse case REALITY

Hi folks,

This is a long one…..

Well, as most y’all remember, I had finally moved from my rotary install and pulled the trigger on an actual purpose designed aircraft engine. I do still really like the rotary and after this little story I’m about to share it does not help the case for using the proper channels for a "real" aircraft engine.

Anyway, in March of 2014, a year ago, I researched many options and made quite the focused search for a different engine. I had some money fall out of the sky (unexpected extensive charitable planning for a client) and before I did something stupid like paying down on my student loan, I decided to buy an aircraft engine.

After many internet hours and a number of calls that were mostly false starts I came across a very personable man, a UK transplant, originally from NZ named Clive Ure.

We discussed various aircraft extensively. He has been an A&P for years. He had even built a Velocity and worked on a number of other experimental and was even very familiar with the rotary. He had access to a number of engines he could rebuild or sell as is.

During the course of the conversations, I mentioned I preferred 200 hp and I MAY want to turbo the engine at some point. We discussed the issues involved with Lycoming v Continental. Turbo v Non-Turbo, desired mission etc. After feeling I had gotten to know Clive and him sharing tons of information, AND searching about him on the Internet and finding nothing derogatory (trust but verify), I pulled the trigger on a TSIO-360F Clive recommended with 1300 hrs since a factory overhaul (no prop strike and seemed solid). He felt that with the engine purchase WITH all accessories labor and parts, I could expect about $12,000. He was a small shop and appreciated my considering him. As a solo attorney, I related to this sentiment.

Ok, it’s too late to make a long story short, but TEN months later, replacement jugs at about $1500 (the chrome was shot on the old but the price was pretty good on very good steel ones I found), PLUS the $5K to repair the jugs with Airmark, purchasing new bearings, gears to satisfy an AD, etc, we are well into the low $20’s and the engine is finally delivered. Clive originally said, that even though it is "ready when it’s ready", it should take about two monts.

The engine is FINALLY delivered about six weeks ago but WITHOUT any of the accessories. Ok, to be fair, Clive had sent me all the turbo accessories several months before, but no alternator, Mags, mag harnesses, injector plumbing or the needed A/C and vacuum accessory drive or the Lord mounts we had agreed to. Clive assures me it is an oversight by his assistant as Clive had to rush to the hospital for his mother-in-law when my shipment was prepared and shipped I was told it would all be on the way.

Well, y’all guessed it. I didn’t receive anything over the last several weeks. About a week and a half ago I received an email from Clive stating he was ill and must return to the UK for treatment. The email gave almost no details but did give an email address stating the email address belonged to the owner of the hangar and that he MAY be able to get me some of my parts in a few weeks. No name, no title, just the email address which, dear reader, as you likely have guessed, gets no response after a number of attempts. Numerous emails, calls and text to Clive get no response.

Ok, y’all may remember, in addition to being a cop I am an attorney. That being said, I am likely the least litigious attorney you will meet. My practice focuses on Estate Planning (Planning with Purpose):D. BUT, since I had given every opportunity and been VERY patient and was receiving NO satisfaction or communication, I decided to research small claims litigation in Florida, where Clive is. Leesburg, Florida specifically.

During the course of my research I decided to do a new search on Clive as I would likely need this information if I made the painful decision to sue.

Here is were it really gets good. Guess what? Apparently Clive is not ill, he is going to Federal Prison for a year with two years supervised probation after that. Even better, his crime…..Fraudulently approving a prop he sold on Ebay after a repair station not only said is was unairworthy but went to the trouble of scratching off the serial numbers……Clive falsely added new ones.

Read all about it here




He was sentenced in late December 2014 after pleading guilty in July…..gee, I hope my engine was not too much a distraction….

So, now I have this $20K+ engine that I am gonna have to do even more to feel somewhat comfortable with. So much for bolt on and fly. Yes, all the same questions come to my mind as I am certain are coming to y’all’s….did he use the parts I was invoiced for from Aircraft Specialties. Did he use my repaired jugs from Airmark. Is the work done at any acceptable standard. He did send many pictures of the progress and we even did a couple of Facetime tours. But now, buy going the more "acceptable path", I may have even more issues with the core engine….PLUS needing the thousands of dollars it will take to get the accessories needed. I did find a good price on some Mags and the check is in the mail for those. But now I have a whole new set of question…..Things like GAMI injectors? Ligtspeed ignition? Where to get fuel rails, finding decent price on Lord mounts. (AS&S wants over $200 each, need four) AND the added concern regarding Clives work…..as we now know his ethics seemingly suck.

I may just reinforce buyer be ware, but I’m not sure at what point due diligence ends…..
I post this to help those who may be searching for info on a mechanic and now they have some on Clive Ure. Of course, they may find the DOJ info first….but I had planned to post a red flag report when I got the email saying he was sick and had no business contingency to help his clients. Hell, maybe I should have just bought a converted airboat engine for $3k….I may have been no worse off.

Ok, guys/gals…..feel free to discuss and tell me my airplane will be a lawn dart……not helpful by the way……:rolleyes:


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Vendor Report – Worse case REALITY

Hi folks,
This is a long [...]

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Hi folks,
This is a long [...]

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