Has anyone used vinyl wrap [...]

Vinyl Wrap

Has anyone used vinyl wrap to cover their plane instead of paint? The Velocity newsletter (Velocity Views) had an excellent article by Randy Ott about wrapping his Velocity. He was kind enough to respond to some questions via email and he is happy with his choice.

I was wondering if the collective here had any opinions or insight they would be willing to share.

Like Randy, I have little skill or training in painting. His research found general pricing for a pro to paint a Velocity at around $12,000.00 (may be a bit on the high side…..donno) Also, if tackled oneself, the cost of equipment, hazmat issues and, maybe the most pressing to me, my airport having an absolute prohibition on painting in the hangar (understandable since there is common ventilation and passage between the hangars and even with due care in a improvised booth, the hazard of soiling others property is high….plus bureaucratic concerns) has me seriously looking at this option.

From looking on YouTube the process seems pretty straight forward and becoming pretty dang common. The cost of materials, based on some quick online searches may run well under $1000.00 for the materials. Some of the videos include full covering of aircraft.

My only experience is some of the patrol cars I drive (standard old school black & whites) are covered in vinyl. I think they look pretty good but have been shown some peeling……BUT, patrol cars are fair game for less than perfect care, are driven 24/7 their entire life (at least for our department), and are outside most the time in all sorts of weather. Aircraft usually kept in hangars are said to have almost unlimited life with vinyl, especially when white (like paint) and ten years is to be easily expected according to some posting I have found.

I am still researching but seems plausible and maybe even a very desirable solution to those who are paint skill impaired and have a restrictive lease. Also, while I have loved learning the many skills this plane has required (including rudimentary welding), I am not so inclined to learn all needed for a good paint job.

So, what say ye?


All the best,



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Vinyl Wrap

Has anyone used vinyl wrap [...]

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Has anyone used vinyl wrap [...]

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