Yesterday I was out in [...]

Water bath to heat epoxy

Yesterday I was out in the shop slopping epoxy onto my glass and noticed the epoxy was not as fluid as it should have been. My hot box consists of a cabinet with two light bulbs for heating, two computer case fans for air circulation and a thermocouple temp probe with a PID controller. I set it to 100F and waited an hour for it to stabilize however I’m thinking that’s not enough time now (heated shop up from 50F). Its got me thinking…

Convective heat transfer is a slower means to transfer heat compared to convection. Why not use a warm water bath similar to a baby bottle warmer? It would only take 10-15 minutes and I’d be ready to go! I’d have to contend with water but by using West pumps on the resin and hardener containers that would mitigate any water contamination issues. I also certainly wouldn’t store it in the water bath either so I wouldn’t have to worry about moisture migrating into the containers, if even it could. Wondering if there is any use of water baths to heat resin and epoxy and how was it done?

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Water bath to heat epoxy

Yesterday I was out in [...]

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Yesterday I was out in [...]

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