Here are the regional controllable [...]

What is the Deal at Gojet for Cancelations?

Here are the regional controllable cancelation numbers at United, followed by Departartures on-time and arrivals within 14. I had heard that Republic was canceling flights but year to date Republic is 9 points higher than Gojet which is G7? Then I see that Gojet is only getting 38% of its flights out on time?:

ACF D:0 A:14
EV 99.93 % YV 77.45 % YV 87.66 %
OO 99.86 % EV 75.53 % UA 83.60 %
C5 99.86 % S5 75.36 % S5 83.05 %
S5 99.75 % OO 67.01 % EV 82.93 %
AX 99.59 % C5 66.02 % OO 76.29 %
YV 99.28 % UA 64.00 % YX 73.91 %
YX 98.12 % YX 63.76 % AX 73.25 %
G7 89.25 % AX 63.29 % C5 72.34 %
UA - G7 38.40 % G7 47.85 %

The Delta Numbers are similar with the Republic Airline (Shuttle) at 99.9 year to date and GoJet at 89.5 and on time at 41%:

ACF D:0 A:14
9E 100.00 % 9E 78.70 % DL 90.00 %
EV 100.00 % OO 76.20 % 9E 87.00 %
OO 99.90 % EV 76.20 % EV 86.20 %
S5 99.90 % DL 73.60 % S5 84.50 %
CP 99.20 % S5 73.00 % OO 84.20 %
G7 89.50 % CP 65.40 % CP 79.90 %
DL - G7 41.00 % G7 50.10 %

I had no idea it is so bad there. Is it because they have no pilots to fly the planes? Is that why they are offering bonuses of $15000? Are the pilots conducting some type of job action we have not heard about?

Delta and United are not going to put up with 11% of the flights being canceled and 38% on time departures/40% arrivals. They will cancel the contracts.

The Gojet thread and the recruiters make things sound great with 300% overtime pay. Can someone tell me if they really have people showing up for classes there and how many they have per class? No new hires equals no upgrades! No upgrades means the quick upgrade they promise could best be termed "wishful thinking".

I currently have the chance to fly for Skywest and Gojet. The promises that Gojet makes beat those of Skywest but can Gojet deliver with no new hires, or are they getting new hires and all the captains are leaving, that would give a quick upgrade. Also, if Gojet loses a contract there goes 1/2 their flying. Or if Gojet goes Bankrupt they will not be able to reorganize but will have to shutdown, won’t they. Reorganization doesn’t bring you more pilots.

From what I have been told and have seen the word is out on how bad Gojet treats people which is why nobody will go there?

Those are my concerns. Can some Gojet people set me straight and explain why any of the items listed above are factually incorrect or my reading of them is flawed? How about you new hires, will the quick upgrades happen? When do you get the bonuses? Do the bonuses adequately compensate you for the lower pay than Skywest, the profit sharing, the extra 1000 into your retirement at Skywest?

I’m ready to listen. Gojet is closer to me and their planes are shinny. Talk me into Gojet!

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What is the Deal at Gojet for Cancelations?

Here are the regional controllable [...]

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Here are the regional controllable [...]

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