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What’s new in 2017

I thought I would put down some notes on what’s going on in the Canard world that perhaps you are not aware of.

While the enthusiasm may have waned over the past few years (thanks mostly to the great kits Vans has been putting out) there is still that yearning to build and fly a Canard aircraft, partly due to it’s unique look or it’s great performance.

First on the block is the effort by Russ Emanis and Jeff Kerlo. Jeff has done a lot of work in the past on both Velocity as well as alternative 4 and 6 place canards. He had a design for a single place canard aircraft back in 1995 which was never built.
Now he has teamed up with Russ Emanis. Russ spent 9 years working on the F-22 Raptor project. Russ has been demonstrating the same Vacuum Infusion techniques that were developed for the F-22 at Oshkosh over the past several years. This past year, one of the projects that was the subject of his demonstration was the new single place canard. The fuselage & strakes were fabricated over 4 days and when pulled from the mold, weighed in at roughly 26 lbs. I say roughly because a lot of the peel ply and infusion media had not been completely cleaned up at the time of the weigh-in.

Jeff estimates that a motivated builder could finish this airframe in six weeks.
Pic #1

Plans are to produce a side-by-side eRacer style aircraft kit as a follow-up to this design.
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Bob Setzer (A-Solution) was also at the Oshkosh Demo. At that time he was making arrangements to start pulling parts from the tooling he has been working on. I just happened to touch base with him this weekend and he shared a picture of his newly fabricated fuselage.
Preliminary weight of the upper fuselage (prior to trimming the flashings, etc) is 39 lbs.
Bob is hoping to feature his work at Sun n’Fun if time permits.
Pic #2

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I talked with Tony Malfa and he is making progress on reviving the tandem configuration canard design as well.
I talked with him in late September and he was well on his way to rolling out the Mako. While there is not a full scale effort to mass produce this kit (at this time) it is definitely worth mentioning. He is working to complete the last 4 aircraft that he committed to and is planning on moving on to other ventures.
Pic #3
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What’s new in 2017

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