I am setting up a [...]

Which Regional is best for me?

I am setting up a poll to get some input on which regional would be best to get hired at DAL, UAL, AAL, or SWA:

My Current stats:

- 6000TT
- 2900 PIC Jet (mostly heavy biz jet time in the Gulfstream 550 and Falcon 900)
- 4 year degree
- All 135/91 flying

* I have heard from several 121 legacies that my lack of 121 experience is seriously hindering my potential to get hired at a Legacy.

* Currently I am looking mostly at Endeavor, Compass, and PSA but I am open to anything.

* My goal is to be hired at a Legacy as soon as possible, so I don’t really care about upgrading as I have the necessary Jet PIC.

Thanks in advance for your help and advice.


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Which Regional is best for me?

I am setting up a [...]

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I am setting up a [...]

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