For reasons of practicality, I [...]

wings – order of operations

For reasons of practicality, I built both wings up to the point where the next step is to do the spar caps. I then continued with the left wing and am about a week away from finishing the first bottom wing skin. After that, I will have the choice to either follow the plans and continue on with the same wing, or switch sides and get the right one to the same point as the left.

The advantage of alternating back and forth is that the methods of each step will be fresh in my mind and the same jigs will be used, so things should go a little quicker. On the other hand, working with one wing until it’s done, while leaving the other one out of the way, will reduce some extra handling as well as potential damage.

I’m inclined to flip-flop and do both wings concurrently to completion for the above reason. Have I missed something? What are other builders doing?

Joe Polenek

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wings – order of operations

For reasons of practicality, I [...]

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For reasons of practicality, I [...]

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