I’m not a pilot but [...]

Would a lap parachute help?

I’m not a pilot but a Master Parachute Rigger and a FAA Designated Parachute Rigger Examiner. Along with a manufacturer we resurrected the lap type parachute and rigger rating. We did it just to prove we could do it with no commercial application in mind. The last lap parachutes made previously were probably made before WWII.

That said I got to thinking that a lap parachute might be of use in side stick controlled aircraft. The canard types came to mind. I know a Canadian friend has now built a couple and they’ve been used in some fight testing of canard home builts.

Container is about the size of a very large phone book, app. 9×12x3

I’d like to find some side stick aircraft in the Kalamazoo/SW Michigan area to see how they fit and work. In some of the aircraft the pilot may be laying back too far but in some where pilot is setting up it might work. It would save leg space by not being behind your back and head space by not being under your butt.

I’d appreciate hearing from anyone in the SW Michigan area willing to try it on and see how it works.



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Would a lap parachute help?

I’m not a pilot but [...]

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I’m not a pilot but [...]

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